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Ahimsa- Non-violence=Kindness

In a world that is full of fear, kindness is more important now than ever.

As a yogi Ahimsa should be the foundation to what I practice my life. I say practice because I’m not perfect, but I am learning to become aware of my thoughts and actions and the consequences they have on others. and on myself.

I believe with anyone, what you give, you get back. Peoples reactions are a reflection of your own behaviour towards them.

Kindness starts with yourself. Try and say four kind things about yourself……go on, just four. Now try and say four kind words about a person who has tested you recently.  Keep practising this, practise it daily!! See and notice if it has a change in how you deal with people around you, maybe even a change in that challenging person or the way you deal with them.

Teach  children this too, it is so important. Watch your word towards them. Remember they are learning about themselves and the world around them. A child isn’t born shy, naughty or aggressive…..they have learnt that. Show them kindness and how to be kind to others and themselves. Be aware of what they are watching and learning from. The TV programmes they watch the games they play. Give to the poor, pick up litter, help someone or some thing that needs help.  Teach children that the world is for every creature on this planet, that we have to be king and gentle with all living things. From the smallest of ant to the biggest of trees. Take responsibility for all your actions, they all have consequences.

Don’t teach  children to consume, stare at a screen, be violent. The world needs a change, you and the children around you can be that change.

Kindness and love creates more kindness and love.

Fear creates violence. Love over comes fear.

And finally…from the word of Gandhi…..

…..Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Life……. its ever changing.

Hi It has been a while since I have posted anything. Since my last post I have had a baby and so my priorities change some what.

In a world that is ever changing and at a point in which we need to make sacrifices to ensure we have a world for our off spring, I have been taking my time to decide how to prioritise my life.

So I have decided to give most of my classes away and begin a more simple life during the week, living in my van with my partner and baby boy. I am volunteering for a CSA (community supported agriculture) project, which grows organic veg just outside of Lutterworth. The idea of this for me is that I wish to be part of closer community, learn to live off the land and build my values and experience around what is best for not just me, but the future of the planet. Eating organic is wonderful and my partner has been growing organic veg and fruit for us on out allotment throughout the spring, summer and Autumn. Lots of new recipes to enjoy and to see the whole cycle of the food production gives a new respect to the food I eat.

I am currently vegan (although I do have the odd slip up now and then) and believe this is the way forward for for the planet. The animal and dairy industry is shocking. The cruelty, the medication used that then filters through into the food we eat. So I have decided on a more wholesome life…….alot less money and things, but a lot richer in others.

I have been reading a book called “Ishmal” by Daniel Quinn, which I would recommend to anyone. I have also read his further books, “Storey of B” “My Ishmal” and am currently on his next set.

So I am on a new journey. As the winter months begin to draw in, it will be tougher I am sure. I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to add any comments…

Love, light and Namaste

Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Self Healing

benefits of meditation

I have been recently doing more and more work with Meditation. It a practice that is becoming more frequent in my day to day Yoga practice. I have always loved the Savasana and relaxation aspects of Yoga and really feel the benefits of this wonderful and gentle practice.

I have been running a sessions of meditation and Yoga Nidra to help a client with depression and anxiety. Some thing that I myself, and many others have suffered with at some point in our lives. Its so wonderful to connect back with what made me fall in love with Yoga and Meditation and be able to give this wonderful gift to others so that they too, can help them selves.

I believe strongly in self healing and all we need is the tools and a little help on the right path to be able to heal our minds, body and souls.

I enjoy practising a “just being” guided mediation. Where the focus is on the present moment of just being, the acceptance of just being and the truly wonderful feeling of “just being” can bring. NO place to go, or to come from, just the moment of being.

You can practice this feeling of “just being” with this simple and exercise:

Find a warm and comfortable spot, you could be sat or laying down. Bring your awareness to your breath and start by counting your breaths eg…inhale exhale 1, inhale exhale 2……continue this and start to deepen the breath. Once you have done this for around ten breaths begin to focus on the space between the inhale and exhale..notice the feeling of ease and peace here. The place in which their is nothing….no place to go or to come from…….just being.

You can practice this short exercise when you feel you a wave of anxiety or depression arising.

Happy self healing,
Love , light and Namaste

Children and Yoga

kids yoga pre school

Hi, since my last blog I wanted to update you all on what I have been getting up to. I always find the world works in ways that push you towards what you really feel happy in doing if you don’t try and force things too much.
So, recently I have been given a few new opportunities. And one of them is to work with children more. I have been heading into a local pre-school and working with 2-4 year olds. An age that I haven’t worked with for many years but with their natural curiosity and amazing energy I have always loved. This has been a wonderful experience and has connected me back with my inner child, although she is never really far away.
We did some wonderful sound work using our voices by singing our names, we did some breath work feeling the breathe and using the breath. I incorporated my Laughter Yoga into the session with some wonderful roll play where we went to the zoo. At the end I brought out my singing bowl and I was astonished how well they lay and listened to it. Silence, calm and ease fell over the whole room…..

It really was a wonderful experience to bring Yoga to children of this age and I am looking forward to my future work with these super mini Yogis.

Meditation and Mindfulness Classes


A gentle introduction into Meditation and Mindfulness that’s for everyone.
I will use a mix of breathing techniques, gentle meditation and yoga Nidra to help support you and give you the tools to help you to stay in the present moment, and become more at peace with yourself and those around you.

I will be teaching you techniques I use myself and have practised for many years.

The meditation element can be done, sitting on a chair or mat, or laying down. It will be catered for you individual need and comfort. Their will be no strong expectations, just a supportive and nurturing practice.

Spaces will be limited so please book:
Each session is £6 or you can buy a block of 5 for £25

Yoga in the park

As the summer begins to slow creep towards us and our thick jumpers are being put to the back of the wardrobe and replaced with floral patterns, it is my favourite time to get excited for the prospect of a fun summer ahead. As you are somewhat aware, I am pretty passionate about yoga and all the amazing benefits it has, but I am also passionate about people. So, I am running FREE, yes FREE yoga sessions in a local park.
Sconce Park in Newark on Trent every first Saturday 10am-1045. All is welcome 0-99 years old.

So if you you fancy a free session in your local park, I am sure I would be happy to set one up. I am based in Nottinghamshire so give me a shout 07854767159

YOGA AND SUNSHINE WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?13692519_1732280093706042_7706141783353238335_n

Mindfulness in Schools


I am really excited  to offer a great opportunity for your school. 
With the SATS fast approaching the benefit of introducing children to mindfulness is even more a priority. Learning to cope with the stress and worry of the SATS and knowing what coping techniques to use, will improve their ability in the tests themselves and later struggles in life. 
I am a fully qualified  Yoga instructor, Happiness and Well-being coach and Laughter Yoga Leader.
I would love to come and offer some imaginative and calming yoga and relaxation sessions to the children in your school. The session I run introduce children to a variety of poses, breathing exercise and meditation techniques. My session are age appropriate and inclusive of everyone. They are designed to really engage the children’s imagination.
I get regular feedback from parents stating the positive effects yoga has had on their child. Positive effects such as, heightened self esteem, calmer in behaviour, able to concentrate better and for longer and their general kindness towards others has been elevated.

If you would like to make a booking or want any further information, or to discuss particular requirements please e-mail me at
Looking forward to hearing from you
Regards . .  Elena Birkby.

Postive thinking.

Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it, learn from it! Make your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”

Whilst practicing yoga for the many years that I have, the main lesson it has taught me,  is  the direct link, the mind and the body have on one another. So, my theme for this week has been “positive thinking”.

I love to read, and recently read, that the  messages our minds send to the brain, let’s out a chemical reaction that can alter how our physical body reacts. So for example; If you  are feeling in a low mood for a prolonged period of time and your mental health decreases, this can  then have an effect on your phisical health. This then become a viscious cycle, and will effect our daily life, work and friendships.

But yoga can really help break the cycle. One way is by the power of the breath. Noticing it and remembering to breath correctly. It is our life force we can not surrive without it, so let’s use it for ou r advantage.  Taking some time in your day, and practicing some very simple postures or movements that flow gently with the breath, you can begin to settle the mind. Noticing how the breath sits within the body, deepening the Inhale and exhale. As the body begins to slow,  the mind then has time to catch up with the thoughts that are going on in the head. It can begin to process them, and the ones that are causing the low mood can then begin to disperse.

You can do the same techneque when going for a walk,  sitting or laying down. It is a very simple, but effective  form of meditation, but it can have a powerful positive response on the body and mind.

Another techneque to practise, is to take a moment each morning to write one positive thing about you or your life, and place it in a jar. When you are feeling low, take them out and read them to yourself. Remind yourself of all the things in life you can be greatfull for.


Yoga, on and off the mat.



Yoga is truly about creating union and harmony in the body and the mind. While it is a great form of exercise, improving cardiovascular function, strength and flexibility, it really is so much more than that. By practising self-acceptance on the mat, you can take what you experience in class and apply it to every aspect of your life, resulting in greater self-awareness and intrinsic strength.

Laughter/Hasya Yoga session

I am also a qulified laughing yoga leader and take group bookings for “Happiness and Wellbeing” ssessions.
Sessions are best run with a group of 10-30 people depending on the size of the room and space. They are suitable for everyone young and old and can even be adapted for a  chair based practice, for those who have problems with mobility.
They are based on all the techneqies I have learnt through Hatha yoga,meditation and laughter yoga training.
Laughing yoga was first introduced by Dr Kataria. He bagan with only five people in a Mumbai park and now thousands of people have joined in with these fun and exciting sessions.
The sessions are funfilled using childlike role play based on a theme. Breathing exercises are introduced and relaxation in every session.
received_10153424827081696 Each session is tailor made for the individual group and with having vast amount of experience in the care sector I can easily suit it to individual groups with more profound needs.