Laughter/Hasya Yoga session

I am also a qulified laughing yoga leader and take group bookings for “Happiness and Wellbeing” ssessions.
Sessions are best run with a group of 10-30 people depending on the size of the room and space. They are suitable for everyone young and old and can even be adapted for a  chair based practice, for those who have problems with mobility.
They are based on all the techneqies I have learnt through Hatha yoga,meditation and laughter yoga training.
Laughing yoga was first introduced by Dr Kataria. He bagan with only five people in a Mumbai park and now thousands of people have joined in with these fun and exciting sessions.
The sessions are funfilled using childlike role play based on a theme. Breathing exercises are introduced and relaxation in every session.
received_10153424827081696 Each session is tailor made for the individual group and with having vast amount of experience in the care sector I can easily suit it to individual groups with more profound needs.

2 thoughts on “Laughter/Hasya Yoga session”

  1. Hi Elena,
    I’m interesteded in finding out more about Laughter Yoga.

    A/. As. chairman of a seated exercise group Moving 2 Music. normally we have Roy Walker, a trained leader. But would occasionally like to guest trainer . We are a fun group and think a “laugher yoga” introduction session would be fun

    B/. For myself, I have practiced yoga for a number of years. Last year at a yoga retreat in France we had a laugher yoga session. I’m interesting in coming along to one of your classes. Beginners, easygoing , as I have a left sided weakness.
    Look for to your reply! Maggie

  2. Hello Margret,
    Yes I will be happy to discuss being a guest trainer for your ‘Moving 2 Music’ group. That sounds very exciting. I will be more than happy to come along and do some laughter yoga with you all.
    Regarding your point B/, I run a gentle class on a Thursday morning at Collingham 10-11am . I incorporate laughter yoga into this session as well as a few gentle poses, breathing exercises and meditation. If you feel this sounds ok for you, the details are on the website under the heading Class Details.

    If you want to know any more or discuss the idea of myself coming to run a session with your group, you are more than welcome to call me: 07854767159

    Regards Elena

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