Yoga in the park

As the summer begins to slow creep towards us and our thick jumpers are being put to the back of the wardrobe and replaced with floral patterns, it is my favourite time to get excited for the prospect of a fun summer ahead. As you are somewhat aware, I am pretty passionate about yoga and all the amazing benefits it has, but I am also passionate about people. So, I am running FREE, yes FREE yoga sessions in a local park.
Sconce Park in Newark on Trent every first Saturday 10am-1045. All is welcome 0-99 years old.

So if you you fancy a free session in your local park, I am sure I would be happy to set one up. I am based in Nottinghamshire so give me a shout 07854767159

YOGA AND SUNSHINE WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?13692519_1732280093706042_7706141783353238335_n

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